Sedation Dentistry

People often put off dental work due to fear or dental anxiety, and that often leads to bigger problems with your teeth. Dental sedation is a great way to help you or your child feel relaxed during an appointment.

You deserve to have a healthy, happy smile, which is why we have several sedation options. Our team at Webb City Dental wants you to be able to get the treatment you need.

Sedation dentistry can help relax a patient who might be struggling with anxious feelings.

Sedation can also help a patient feel more comfortable during procedures that are complex or take longer than an hour.

Laughing Gas

One of our most popular sedation dentistry options is laughing gas. We often use laughing gas with anxious children because the method has very few side effects.

The benefits of laughing gas include:

  • The gas takes effects almost immediately.
  • Laughing gas does not stay in the bloodstream.
  • The gas is safe for children and adults.
  • Older patients can still drive home after the treatment is finished.
  • Laughing gas often helps children relax while receiving local anesthetic.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral medication is often the best sedation method when a patient needs a complex procedure. We also recommend oral conscious sedation when dental anxiety has kept you away from necessary treatment.

During conscious sedation, your body and mind feel relaxed, but you are still conscious enough to communicate with the dentist. You should also find a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment.

Sleep Dentistry

A patient may occasionally need the assistance of sleep dentistry during an appointment. If you or your child has an extreme fear of the dentist, a disability, or a behavioral issue, we can help. Our team takes good care of each patient they see, and we want your visit to our office to be pleasant.

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Your family should feel comfortable at the dentist. We offer sedation dentistry to help make everyone’s experience relaxing and enjoyable. Call us today to schedule an appointment!