Root Canals & Extractions

When your teeth need extra protection and care, Webb City Dental can help. Our goal is to give you a pain-free treatment, make you feel comfortable, and support your oral health.

Root Canals

When the root of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal may be necessary to save the tooth. We don’t want the words “root canal” to cause fear. Our goal is to get rid of your pain as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of Tooth Root Infection

You may need a root canal if you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You feel pain for more than 30 seconds after eating hot or cold food or drink.
  • You have a constant throbbing pain that is worse when you chew.
  • Your tooth has become discolored or darkened.
  • Your gums become red and swollen around the tooth.
  • You have an abscess, or a fluid-filled pocket, in the gums.
  • You have an accompanying fever.

A tooth infection can cause pain and deteriorate your tooth. The infection can also spread to other teeth. A root canal can save your tooth and relieve you of pain.

How a Root Canal Can Help

A root canal is a procedure that cleans the infection out of a tooth. We then build up the tooth and place a protective dental crown. Remember, a root canal can make your pain disappear and keep you smiling!


On occasion, a tooth may need to be pulled to save other teeth and make your mouth healthier. A tooth may be too decayed or damaged for a root canal to work. If the tooth is weak or breaking down, a dental crown won’t have a solid base.

You or your child may need an extraction due to:

  • A tooth with a severe break.
  • Overcrowded or extra teeth.
  • A tooth with a big cavity.
  • A baby tooth that needs to come out to make way for an adult tooth.
  • An infected tooth, especially when a root canal won’t help.

No matter what dental issue you might be experiencing, our office offers a solution. We want you to feel your best, and that means being pain-free!

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