Preventative Dentistry

When looking for a dentist, you want a good pediatric team with great preventative care. The dental professionals at Webb City Dental work with you and your family to ensure thorough treatment in a relaxing atmosphere. Our team can also show you how to prevent issues like decay and periodontal disease.

An Experienced Dentist Is Key

Our Doctors have the experience needed to discover dental issues that may become problematic. Our preventative strategies include:

  • Knowing which fluoride options work best for your child.
  • Dental hygiene education for all ages.
  • Regular cleanings to remove plaque.
  • Routine exams and oral screenings.
  • Careful watch on lost baby teeth and new adult teeth.

When we pay attention to all the details, we can detect issues early on and provide preventative care for each patient.

Exams and Cleanings

The purpose of an oral exam isn’t just to find cavities. The dentist looks at your teeth, gums, and the whole inside of your mouth. The exam is a good way to screen for oral cancer, find infected tooth roots, and look for chips or cracks that have gone unnoticed.

Routine cleanings are also essential to good oral health and preventing periodontal disease. Our dental hygienists carefully remove plaque and scrub teeth clean using specialized dental tools. Our cleanings are done with care, so you can feel like you’re resting while leaning back in your chair.

Giving You Compassionate Care

When a dental exam reveals a potential problem, we take immediate action to treat and correct the issue. If a deeper cleaning is needed, we can do that too. We also offer flavored fluoride gels to make applications more comfortable for kids.

Come to Webb City Dental for Effective Preventative Dentistry!

Do you want your smile to look and feel great? Come to Webb City Dental to find out how preventative dentistry can keep your smile looking fabulous! Call to schedule an appointment or find out more about our preventative services.