The Effects of Oral Hygiene on Overall Health

We’ve all heard that neglecting proper oral hygiene could result in bad breath, pesky stains, and a build-up of tartar and plaque. However, did you know that proper oral hygiene is essential to maintaining your overall health, and ensuring other organs in your body are healthy and strong? Implementing proper oral hygiene into your every-day […]

Tips for Healthy Smiles in the Summer

The summer months are so fun for the kiddos! They’re enjoying the outdoors, swimming and even going on vacations. Amidst all of this summer fun, it is important to remember to stick with your dental routine! Here are a few tips to ensure your child continues to take care of their teeth during the summer […]

When to take your child to the Dentist for the first time

Many parents wonder when to bring their child to the Dentist for the first time. We often see parents wait to bring their children in until most of their teeth have erupted. However, we actually recommend bringing your child to the Dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts. During the first visit, our goal […]